Konftel video – the easiest path to video conferencing in your workplace

If you already have a Konftel audio conferencing phone in your meeting room but now want to upgrade your collaboration experience to incorporate video, look no further than Konftel.

The smartest and fastest way to turn your meeting room from audio to video collaboration is with Konftel.

Konftel now offer a range of convenient, professional video solutions that easily integrate with your existing Konftel audio conference phones.

With the rise in popularity of cloud-based web conferencing, a growing number of workers are now adopting a collaboration style which is referred to as ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’. In this scenario, laptops and mobile devices are brought into the meeting room with workers launching conferencing apps and services directly from these devices.

For video to effectively and efficiently integrate into the collaboration experience, there are a few prerequisites such as physical video collaboration tools – a USB conference camera, an audio conference unit and a way of course to connect to the screen.

Users demand a solution that is easy and quick to set up. Konftel have listened to these needs and have created convenient video bundles that are based around a central hub. The central hub connects the conference speakerphone, conference camera and the screen.

The only thing the user needs to do is to connect a single USB cable to their laptop.

Konftel have created this hub to help facilitate this requirement – the Konftel OCC, One Cable Connection, makes this step a breeze to complete.

Konftel OCC Hub
Konftel OCC Hub

The Konftel OCC Hub makes things simple for the user, connecting the speakerphone, conference camera and screen.

The great thing is, if you’re ready to take your conference experience to the next level and your company already has a Konftel model with USB, all you have to do is add the conference camera and hub. Find out more about the Konftel OCC HUb here.

Konftel Cam20 Konftel Cam50
Konftel Cam20 Konftel Cam50

The Konftel video bundle is just as reliable, high-quality and easy-to-use as their more expensive video conferencing package counterparts. This smart upgrade builds on your earlier investment, and everyone will thank you for it: colleagues and staff, the IT department and, of course, the finance department.

Both of Konftel’s conference cameras offer superb video quality and while the Konftel Cam20 is optimised for huddle rooms, the larger Konftel Cam50 is great for larger conference rooms. 

When to upgrade to a video collaboration experience?

The idea to upgrade your conference experience to include video may be something you have been thinking about in the past but you may have been put off by large investments either financially or in bulky, physical conference equipment. Konftel’s video conferencing bundle isn’t just great value, but they’re also lightweight and easy to handle.

The days of having to travel interstate or overseas for business meetings are no longer here – audio and video conferencing are a compelling alternative to this and Konftel is leading the way with their collaboration bundles.

Contact us at Konference to organise a video demonstration or to find out more about the Konftel range. Email sales@konference.com.au or call us on 1300 644 584.




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