Launching Konftel video collaboration!

Konftel video conferencing is coming

Konference are excited to announce that Konftel will be launching a new range of collaboration solutions of audio and video endpoints in Q3, 2018. Konftel’s new collaboration solution distinguishes itself from the market by offering best in class audio, high-quality video, easy and hassle-free setup and handling, the best value-for-money and hybrid solutions for both line and USB requirements.

The new range of solutions are named the Konftel Collaboration with options within Small, Medium or Large categories. They are designed for meetings with up to 6, 12 or 20 persons in the room. All packages include conference phones, cameras, and hubs to enable one cable connection to a PC or Mac.

Cameras to match top-class audio

Initiall,y the collaboration packages will make use of two high-performance conference camera models. Konftel Cam20 sends a crisp, clear video image in ultra 4K HD resolution. The 120° wide field of view makes it ideal in the small huddle room, to make sure everyone fits in the picture when close to the camera. The Konftel Cam40 is a full blood PTZ conference camera with 1080p/60fps HD video image and 12x optical zoom.

In the Konftel Collaboration Small category, the first solution comes with the Konftel Cam20, and the Red Dot-design awarded Konftel Ego speakerphone. Konftel Collaboration Medium and Large solutions build on the Konftel Cam40 and a choice of hybrid conference phone in the Konftel 300-series. Expansion microphones can be added for large meetings with up to 20 participants, and for even larger meetings, a PA-box connects to installed room audio systems as an option for two of the packages.


Konftel Collaboration Small

Up to 6 participants
Konftel C20EGO (Konftel CAM20 + Konftel Ego + HUB)

Bring top quality, affordable video conferencing to your small huddle room. The Konftel Cam20 captures everyone into the super sharp image with its 120° wide field-of-view and 4K HD resolution. Feel confident and relaxed with the OmniSound-based speakerphone for crystal clear, natural audio. Connect PC with one cable to hub, and go with the collaboration software you prefer!

Konftel Collaboration Medium

Up to 12 participants
Konftel C40300
 (Konftel Cam40 + Konftel 300IPx / 300Wx / 300 / 300Mx + HUB)

Designed to make the medium sized meeting room (or open meeting area) a no hassle video conferencing space. Konftel Cam40 is a full blood PTZ conference camera with 1080p/60fps HD video image and 12x optical zoom.

The Konftel 300-series conference phones offers powerful speakerphone functionality in USB mode and a range of connectivity options for dialed phone calls – known as hybrid conferencing. The hub provides the same convenience as in the small huddle room solution.

Konftel Collaboration Large

Up to 20 participants
Konftel C40300 
(Konftel Cam40 + Konftel 300IPx / 300Wx / 300 / 300Mx + HUB + Expansion microphones)

Konftel Collaboration Large builds on the same powerful and scalable technology as the Medium kit Konftel C40300. Konftel Cam40 easily covers a big room for 20 people, even in demanding light conditions.

On the audio side, Konftel 300-series hybrid conference phones are complemented with two expansion microphones to make sure everyone’s clearly heard. Two of the models, Konftel 300IPx and Konftel 300, can use a PA-box to connect to an installed audio system.


Stay tuned – Konference will be releasing more information closer to the release date!

In the meantime, if you find out more about technical specifications or about the range, please call us on 1300 644 584 or email

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