The Konftel 800 is a SIP conference phone that brings an experience of true delight to all kinds of distance meetings. OmniSound® audio creates a natural sense of presence that can be expanded to cover even really large conference rooms.

The simple-to-use touch interface eliminates any stress from starting and managing the conference call. The Konftel 800 offers remarkable flexibility as a powerful conference audio device for today’s communication and collaboration services, whether in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments. The SIP conference phone is based on a multi-connectivity platform to leverage hybrid conferencing and BYOD. There are several options for easy device management and auto-provisioning, including Konftel Zero Touch Installation. The Konftel 800 has won a Red Dot Award for its product design.

State-of-the-art design

There are two superb ways for the user to easily interact with the Konftel 800. The built-in colour touch screen presents the available features and actions with icons, complemented by volume and mute buttons. The conference phone can also be managed effortlessly through the Konftel Unite mobile app, supporting one-touch conferencing and calling personal contacts.

Expand the audio experience

The new generation OmniSound® provides a best-in-class audio experience. A single Konftel 800 is perfect for meetings with up to 12 participants. With two additional Konftel Smart Microphones connected it expands to pick up the voices of up to 20 people. When using the cascading feature, three Konftel 800 devices can daisy-chain to expand both the audio distribution and pick-up range for maximum coverage, for more than 20 people.

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